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First Underwater Videos

This last month for me has mostly been dedicated to getting my feet back on the ground here in Australia. I have been working primarily as a dive instructor and have also picked up my first ever restaurant job (something I never thought I'd do) working as a pizza delivery guy to earn some extra cash after the exceptional costs of returning to Australia during the Pandemic. I have also purchased a camper trailer, been planning my next moves to relocate in Australia, and spent a good amount of time with old and new friends which has been a huge luxury after nine months of being confined to just a small pod of family and close friends back in the United States. But any time not spent working and socialising I have spent underwater with my camera and learning to use premiere pro, and as a result I have created my first two compilations of underwater footage that can be viewed below.

This first video is a short compilation of my first ever underwater footage recorded with my new Panasonic GH5 camera and Nauticam underwater system. I used an Olympus 60mm Macro lens (120mm equivalent) for tight close up shots. All of the footage was captured on just two dives under Blairgowrie and Rye piers on the Mornington Peninsula, VIC, Australia. I honestly had way too much fun playing with my camera underwater, and each dive lasted over two hours and only ended when I became unbearably cold. I was incredibly lucky to have such an abundance of life around and there was very little time that I ever had to spend looking for my next subject.

The second video above is a short compilation of three octopus species that I encountered within meters of each other on a single night dive under Rye Pier. This was an awesome dive and it was such a privilege to spend the time I did with these amazing creatures. Again I was using my 60mm Macro lens for these shots, which was especially difficult with the Blue-ringed and Sand Octopuses as they are constantly on the move and it is incredibly challenging to achieve focus and stability with such a tight frame while they are in action.

As far as editing goes it has been a huge learning curve, and I can certainly use a lot of improvement. A tutorial on Premiere Pro by Joel Penner from the website was immensely helpful getting started, and I intend to watch part II before my next edits.

Melbourne has gone into a sudden five-day lockdown as of yesterday, so hopefully I will be able to utilise this time to make my next video!


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