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Let's Make A Film Together

I believe that storytelling has the power to change the world, and I am passionate about telling stories that inspire people to connect with and protect nature. That's why I work with conservation driven individuals to help bring their most important messages to life. Through my filmmaking, I can help you reach a broader audience and gain support for the wildlife and projects that you care about. Let's take action together and help protect our planet!


How it Works

Step 1: Pitch Your Idea

The first step is to set up a conversation to discuss your project or idea. It's best if you have a sense for the message that you are hoping to get across, and from there we can put our heads together to develop the vision that you want to portray.

Step 2: Determine the Scope 

The next step is to evaluate the scope of your project, and any constraints you might have. Generally speaking, films require a lot of time, effort, and funding, so it is important to plan in accordance with your schedule, budget, and end goals for the project. Most conservation messages can be conveyed effectively even on a relatively low budget in the form of a short film - which can still have major impact and outreach in film festival circuits and on social media platforms.

Step 3: Funding

Once you have determined the scope and budget for your film, you will need to determine how you will fund it. If you are unable to self fund your project, we can talk about strategies for fundraising and sponsorship. If your story conveys an important message relating to conservation, it may be possible to source funding from various non-profits that may support your cause. 

Step 4: Production

Upon agreeing on a plan, it's time to start filming. I will travel to your location and provide all of the necessary equipment, as well as hire any required support. Once filming has completed, it's to the editing room and the rest is on me. 

Step 5: Marketing and Distribution

The degree to which you want to market and distribute your film is totally up to you, but I am happy and able to help with the process as well. Film Festivals are a great way to get your story heard and I am familiar with and able to help get your film showcased in a number of festivals. 

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