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My Work

I am an independent film director and producer as well as a freelance camera operator, audio technician and video editor. My passion is for telling stories about human connection with wildlife and nature, and relaying knowledge about important ecosystems and conservation to the public. To date I have written and directed two award winning short films, 'Wild Territory' and 'I Am Ocean', which have screened across the United States and Internationally around Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I am always on the lookout for intriguing stories and new projects!

PT with Baby Seahorse.jpeg

I Am Ocean - PT Hirschfield

This short film showcases the inspirational story of PT Hirschfield, who's successful 11-year battle with endometrial cancer has been fuelled by her passion for scuba diving, a deep connection with the underwater world, and a mission to save the heavily persecuted wildlife at her local dive sites. 


Wild Territory

Wild Territory explores the relationship between a daring wildlife photographer and the vast freshwater ecosystems that define Australia's far north. A combination of beautiful imagery, exceptional wildlife, and true human connection with nature, this film is a testament to the importance of protecting what we have before it's gone.


Freelance Work

Looking to hire a professional freelance videographer? Or for help telling your own story? I am happy to help you anywhere in your process. From consolidating your story board to camera operation to editing, I have the skills to enhance your project wherever you need it. Click below to learn more about working with me.

An example of my work

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