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As a Creative Director and Storyteller, I have a passion for producing carefully crafted pieces that capture the essence of a person or brand. I utilize creative storytelling techniques to bring your vision to life, while also making it unique and interesting. From ideation to post-production, I'm here to collaborate with you every step of the way.

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As an experienced filmmaker, I offer freelance videography services in the Portland, OR and Seattle, WA areas. I have worked on a wide range of video shoots and specialize in underwater camera work. My expertise as a director, producer, camera operator and editor ensures that I can deliver high-quality content for any project, big or small.

Looking for an international freelance videographer to help bring your project or business to life? Look no further. I offer my services for larger scale projects all over the world. As someone who is deeply passionate about nature and the outdoors, I love working on projects that align with my values and allow me to tell a unique story. Let's collaborate and create something spectacular.

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