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I am a professional filmmaker, photographer, naturalist and tour operator. Whether you are looking to make a film about something you care about, to document the work you are doing through photojournalism, or simply to bring your family and friends on a one of a kind adventure, I am here to help!

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Whilst my passion for photography stems from my love for wildlife, I am fully equipped for any task requiring a camera. Whether you are looking for a photojournalist to document the work you are doing, a simple wedding or portrait photographer, or even someone to capture your underwater adventures, I am your guy.



I am a multiple award winning director, producer, and filmmaker specialising in short form films and documentaries highlighting critical conservation issues, human connections with nature, and people and ideas that are making an impact. If you are interested in making a film to accomplish any of the above, I can make your vision come to life.



I am an experienced expedition guide having operated on all seven continents. I design, customise, and lead wildlife oriented adventure travel for individuals and groups with a focused interest on the natural world. I am an expert birding guide, marine naturalist, scuba instructor, wildlife photographer, and herpetologist, and I am here to design your one of a kind trip.

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Customised Wildlife and Adventure Travel

Is there a specific animal that you have always dreamed of seeing, encountering, or photographing? Or maybe a location that you have long dreamt of exploring? I am here to make your dreams come true! Backed by some of the industries top adventure tourism operators, I am passionate about designing, coordinating, and leading tailor-made itineraries to find the rarest, most extraordinary, and most beautiful wildlife on the planet. No location is untouchable, and I am dedicated to bringing you up close and personal with some of the most difficult species to observe on earth. You tell me what you want to see, and I will help you find it!

If you are more location oriented, that works for me. I can help ensure that you see the best of what any place has to offer. Whether your interest is in birds, mammals, fish, reptiles and amphibians, butterflies, etc., we can make it all happen. Click below to learn more.

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Do You Have A Story You Want To Tell?

Make A Film With Me!

Visual media is probably the most efficient and effective way to convey an important message. But making a film isn't easy. In fact, even a short film is a monumental task. I can help you take your vision from an idea to a full production. As an award winning director and producer, I have the skills and equipment required to create your visual masterpiece. All I ask is that you bring a good idea. 

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Need A Top-Notch Photographer Or Photo Journalist?

I am available for hire as a freelance photographer and/or photo journalist for any type of shoots. Enquire with me for more details.

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